Simplifying experiential education scheduling with SmartMatch

As directors and coordinators in higher education navigate the complexities of organizing student...

As directors and coordinators in higher education navigate the complexities of organizing student rotations or placements, the need for efficient and effective scheduling solutions becomes increasingly apparent. With over 16 years of experience in the higher education industry, CORE Higher Education Group understands the challenges faced by experiential education programs. In this blog post, we delve into how automation, particularly through CORE's SmartMatch scheduling feature in ELMS, can simplify the intricate process of coordinating student rotations.

Understanding the Challenges

Experiential education programs often grapple with the seasonal nature of major tasks, with pharmacy programs currently immersed in scheduling Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) for students. Recognizing the unique requirements and guidelines of each program, CORE has labeled these busy periods as "SmartMatch Seasons."

Introducing CORE's SmartMatch

CORE's SmartMatch, within ELMS, is a game-changer in the realm of automated scheduling systems. Tailored for experiential education programs, it efficiently matches students, sites, and preceptors based on a range of customizable rules and preferences. The system generates schedules based on preference, considering the student's highest possible selection while looking at what preceptor availability remains open in the system and how other students have preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions about SmartMatch:

  • Is SmartMatch a 'lottery'?
    • No, SmartMatch is not a lottery. The scheduling algorithm matches each student to their highest possible preference based on what availability remains and the rules and priorities set by each school.
  • How long do I have to wait for results?
    • There is no waiting period or downtime. SmartMatch Scheduling can be managed by a school administrator with the click of a button, providing instant results.
  • Can we match students to their top preferences?
    • SmartMatch looks at the highest possible preference that a student has made and considers it along with preceptor availability and what other students have selected. It may not always produce a top choice because of the many factors the algorithm must consider.
  • Can we prioritize faculty, preceptors, or sites?
    • Absolutely. Schools can prioritize faculty with students first, choose certain preceptors or sites to be assigned to students, and fill all available slots with specific preferences.
  • Can we schedule based on geographical location?
    • Yes, SmartMatch Scheduling offers various options to match students to sites within a specific geographical location or radius.
  • What other rules can be incorporated into CORE's SmartMatch?
    • CORE's SmartMatch allows for global preferencing, unique scheduling by preceptor/site/course, ranking students for prioritization, considering longitudinal rotations, application-required rotations, and much more.

As coordinators of experiential education programs in higher education, the adoption of automated scheduling systems like CORE's SmartMatch can significantly simplify the intricate task of organizing student rotations.

By leveraging technology to match students with their highest preferences, manage faculty assignments, and adhere to unique program requirements, coordinators can streamline their processes, reduce administrative burden, and ensure a more efficient and student-centered experiential education program.

Embrace the power of automation and enhance your program's effectiveness with CORE's SmartMatch.


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