Seamless Integrations for Effortless Processes

CORE solutions integrate with many other software applications, making the implementation and ongoing program administration seamless. Our CompMS solution also integrates with all major Learning Management Systems (LMS). CompMS allows the instructor or student users to effortlessly move from one tool to another with minimal effort by leveraging Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). 

The following platform integrations are currently available:

Complio by American Databank

The COMPLIO integration seamlessly pushes a student’s compliance status, as well as background check and drug screening from COMPLIO to CORE ELMS.


The integration between CORE and Enflux empowers users to seamlessly integrate, analyze, and centralize data from CORE ELMS’s externship/clinical management platform within Enflux’s established didactic and standardized assessment frameworks. 


The Formstack integration allows Fieldwork Educators to complete and return Fieldwork Performance Evaluations (FWPE) directly within CORE ELMS.


The integration with CEI allows students and preceptors to seamlessly access CEI from CORE ELMS including automatic CEI account creation. Activities that are completed within CEI can be reported on within the CORE ELMS reporting suite.


The Copyleaks integration pushes completed student assignments through Copyleaks plagiarism detector and AI content detector to verify authentic work.


The CORE RECRUIT platform integrates with industry-leading admissions software Slate. Visitor contact information from the school’s RECRUIT Career Exploration Center is now passed automatically into your Slate software.


Securely access, transfer, and manage large files and sensitive data.


Are you interested in integrating with one of CORE's solutions? Contact our team today to learn more.