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Firsthand Experience in Healthcare and Higher Education

At CORE Higher Education Group, we are dedicated to simplifying the process of placing students from higher education institutions into clinical sites and providing seamless monitoring of their progress. With over 16 years of experience as a leader in the higher education industry, CORE offers innovative software solutions that hundreds of programs across the country have successfully adopted to manage their clinical education and competency assessment needs. From 10 students to tens of thousands of students across multiple programs, we can meet the demands of programs of all sizes.

CORE Higher Education Group
How we began

Understanding Your Challenges

CORE’s technology suite was developed by a team of clinicians and software engineers, and is based upon more than 20 years of management experience in healthcare and higher education. The clinicians experienced first-hand the administration challenges too often encountered in the experiential and clinical education space. Understanding the importance of dedicated support and the need to play a pivotal role in the improvement of each school and employer’s processes, they created the innovative platform to deliver a flexible, comprehensive, and visionary technology solution, uniquely supported by a one-on-one client service model designed to make CORE an extension of each school’s department functions and conversations.

Our stats

CORE by the Numbers

Today, our CORE Technology Suite fully supports the experiential and clinical education, competency assessment, workforce readiness, and digital portfolio needs of more than 200 institutions throughout North America.

80% of CORE clients

80% of our clients switched to CORE after being dissatisfied with another solution.  

1,000,000 users

CORE supports more than 1,000,000 users across all four applications.

400 programs and counting

CORE supports over 400 programs across
North America.

4 purpose-built applications

CORE offers 4 software applications that support externship management, competency assessment, workforce readiness, and ePortfolios.
Here to help

A Dedicated Client Success Team, Plus Many Resources


CORE Academy

CORE ACADEMY is an eLearning center for our clients offering over 40 training activities on the CORE software suite.

Resource Library

From solutions overviews to how to pull reports, a comprehensive library of videos is available on demand.  

Users Conference

Users have the opportunity to learn more about best practices and upcoming enhancements to the system, network with their colleagues from peer institutions, and spend time connecting with the CORE team.


With our streamlined platforms, expert client success team and scalable solutions, hundreds of institutions trust CORE to help manage their experiential/clinical education, student assessment, and career readiness needs.

An Experienced and Dedicated Client Success Team

From implementation and training to day-to-day assistance, our client success team is with you every step of the way. Your relationship with our expert staff remains a constant as we work collaboratively to ensure the platform is consistently optimized as your programs change and grow. The team is committed to gathering your feedback and partnering with our in-house development team to constantly improve the user experience.

Scalable and Customizable Solutions

Our nimble Edtech suite of services addresses the needs of various experiential, clinical, and fieldwork education programs. The platform can accommodate the smallest of programs while scaling to be an enterprise solution across multiple programs and a wide variety of disciplines.

Seamless Integrations with Learning Management Systems

Our solutions ensure maximum efficiency and a seamless journey for your students by integrating with a variety of other education platforms. Students can seamlessly transition from one platform to another through our incorporation of SSO and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards.

Trusted by institutions across the country

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From our customers

"The reliability and functionality has allowed us to be more efficient and effective. We can focus on other projects due to productivity gains. And the customer service provided by the CORE staff is some of the best around."
"CORE has proved to be very effective in meeting the growing needs of our institution. The CORE team is truly committed to a strong partnership and continues to exceed our customer service expectations."
"Implementing CORE was a no-brainer for us. The tools, the resources, the support, the interface – we are so happy with all of the functions it offers."
"Our program has been ecstatic with CORE, its features, and its team. Their attention to the individual needs of our program is unmatched as we continue to grow."

Get started

See how CORE can work for your institution

Get started

See how CORE can work for your institution

Learn more about how CORE can meet your program’s unique needs and see the suite of solutions in action when you book a demo with one of our specialists.