Student readiness through the CORE elements of experience, competency, and presentation.

The CORE Technology Suite

The CORE Technology Suite is comprised of FOUR integrated software applications supporting colleges and universities in the areas of clinicals & externship management, competency based education (CBE) management, workforce readiness, and self-curated presentation ePortfolios.

Student Externship and Practicum Management Core ELMS

Experiential learning management software supporting clinical and experiential education departments in the management of student externships, clerkships, clinicals, and field work.

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Student Competency Management System Core CompMS

Competency management software supporting student assessment initiatives through curricular mapping and the development, aggregation, and reporting of student assessment portfolios.

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Credential Presentation Portfolio Core ePortfolio

Self-curated presentation ePortfolios helping students manage and present their personal, educational, and professional achievements to faculty, mentors, and employers.

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COREreadiness Online Learning Platform COREreadiness

A co-curricular learning management system (LMS) helping schools prepare students for both externships/clinicals and the workplace through online co-curricular activities.

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Are your students getting the most out of the externship experience?


Is your current technology properly supporting your institution’s externship and experiential learning programs and initiatives? Our ELMS can help.


Are your students demonstrating competency in their fields?


Is your current technology properly supporting your institution’s competency based education (CBE) programs and initiatives? Our CompMS can help.


Are your students standing apart during the job search process?


Is your current technology providing students with a competitive edge regarding personal presentation to potential employers? Our ePortfolios can help.

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Everyone's talking about CORE Talking

Switching to CORE was an easy decision. CORE just had the best value, exactly what we were looking for in terms of support, and so it was an easy decision for us to make. The CORE team has been with us every step of the way, providing trainings for us so that we really felt comfortable once we were rolling it out to our students, faculty, and preceptors.

Dr. Megan Leeds, Pharm.D., BCACP
Director of Experiential Education
Regis Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy
Denver, CO

We really needed to have one system that met our needs. We purchased CORE because we saw the value of having the technological support, but more importantly it's very convenient for our students to actually use CORE and the way it's integrated together.

Dr. Ruth Ford, EdD, MSBS, OTR/L
Associate Dean of Health Sciences
Huntington University, Doctor of Occupational Therapy
Huntington, IN

CORE has helped streamline and make our processes so much more efficient. We're able to do things within one single system instead of jumping from system to system, we're able to more easily communicate and we're taking a lot of the duplication out of our day-to-day processes.

Dr. Hope Bauman, DNP
Practicum Manager
Kaplan University, School of Nursing
Lincoln, NE

It has been a seamless transition for us, it's been fantastic to be able to work with the development team and our client services representatives with CORE to customize the things that we need to accomplish.

Dr. Erin Johanson, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D.
Advanced Experience Coordinator
Roseman University, College of Pharmacy
South Jordan, UT

We found that CORE was able to streamline communication, allow easier access to information, and assisted with our accreditation process. I would highly recommend CORE Higher Education for any other educational program that you may have at an institution, Undergraduate or Graduate.

Dr. Beth Bright, OTD, OTR/L, BCPR
Assistant Director & Residency Coordinator
Huntington University, Doctor of Occupational Therapy
Huntington, IN

CORE has really helped us become more organized, more structured, our program was kind of a mish-mash of various spreadsheets and tables and graphs, and CORE enabled us to put it all into one place. The site requirements, the forms, scheduling, the ability to design our own schedules, our own evaluations, design the rotation dates, rotation types, and when we change our curriculum, it's very adaptable and enables us to change instantaneously. We can update our curriculum at any time.

Angela Van Eck
Administrative Assistant for Experiential Education
Shenandoah University, Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy
Winchester, VA

One of the most difficult parts of finding a new database for our Physician Assistant program was we needed our preceptors to show where they have their admitting sites. It took us about a year to find CORE and CORE has been the only system that has been able to do it.

Chad Higgins
Clinical Education Manager
MUSC College of Health Professions
Charleston, SC

One of the things we've loved about working with CORE in the past year and a half is the customization, both from CORE development team and on our side of things. So, any time we've asked for things with Requirements, or with Evaluations, CORE development has created a baseline to which then we can customize exactly what we want from our preceptors and our students, to get everything that we want out of Evaluations and preceptor development.

Danielle Moroz
Administrative Assistant
Roseman University, College of Pharmacy South Jordan, UT


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