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Comprehensive and Scalable Software Solutions for Schools of Veterinary Medicine

CORE's software platform streamlines the management of clinical education and student competency assessment while providing an exceptional user experience for your students, preceptors, faculty, and administrators.
CORE Solutions for Your Veterinary Program
Clinical Education Management
From scheduling to evaluations, compliance to hours tracking, ELMS simply and efficiently manages every aspect of your clinical rotations.  
Competency Assessment and Mapping
Manage and assess all aspects of student competency and curriculum mapping with CompMS, simplifying manual tasks, streamlining your workflow, and increasing overall productivity.
Soft Skills & Professionalism
Provide your veterinary medicine students with a co-curricular eLearning center to help develop their soft skills and professionalism in preparation for their clinical experiences.


With our streamlined platforms, expert client success team and scalable solutions, hundreds of institutions trust CORE to help manage their experiential/clinical education, student assessment, and career readiness needs.

An Experienced and Dedicated Client Success Team

From implementation and training to day-to-day assistance, our client success team is with you every step of the way. Your relationship with our expert staff remains a constant as we work collaboratively to ensure the platform is consistently optimized as your programs change and grow. The team is committed to gathering your feedback and partnering with our in-house development team to constantly improve the user experience.

Scalable and Customizable Solutions

Our nimble Edtech suite of services addresses the needs of various experiential, clinical, and fieldwork education programs. The platform can accommodate the smallest of programs while scaling to be an enterprise solution across multiple programs and a wide variety of disciplines.

Seamless Integrations with Learning Management Systems

Our solutions ensure maximum efficiency and a seamless journey for your students by integrating with a variety of other education platforms. Students can seamlessly transition from one platform to another through our incorporation of SSO and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards.
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