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Preparing Them for What’s Ahead

READINESS develops and hosts custom digital eLearning centers for colleges and universities, health systems and employers. Offer your students, prospective or current employees an intuitive and accessible co-curricular eLearning center while supporting your experiential education career services and human resources departments.

Custom Content Hosting for
Student and Preceptor Skill Building

Custom Content Hosting for
Student and Preceptor Skill Building

A Team Dedicated to Your Needs

Our service-focused team is with you every step of the way – from implementation and training to managing all your daily needs. Our team consists of experienced clinicians that understand your programs and help create innovative solutions to address your challenges. CORE’s forward-thinking development team is onsite and works collaboratively with our support team to customize your software features in ways that uniquely suits your program needs.
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Enhance Hands-On Learning

With our adaptable and customizable solution, host your own learning materials, such as videos and slide decks, as well as a selection of preexisting activities.
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Convenient Mobile Learning

Learners can access activities anywhere and at any time from their mobile devices.

Competency-Based Focus

Competency-based assessments ensure learners understand the activity content.

Customize with Playlists

Learners can create and share playlists from your activity library.

Engage with Micro-Credentials

Certificates of completion are awarded to learners after the successful completion of each activity and playlist.

Your Student’s Education Experience Matters

READINESS frees up our class time so we can do more focused in-class discussion and hands-on training.

Dr. Michelle Kim

Junior Specialist

University of Hawaii at Hilo College of Pharmacy

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