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Platform Features that Help You Focus on Your Students

Creating a seamless clinical, experiential, or fieldwork experience for your students doesn’t have to be complicated for program administrators. ELMS is so much more than a scheduling platform. Its robust features help you streamline the education journey for your institution and your students.

Designed by Clinicians and Always Supported by a Dedicated Team

Designed by Clinicians and Always Supported by a Dedicated Team

Adaptable, Scalable and User-Friendly

Complete with automatic scheduling, custom evaluations, comprehensive reporting, and countless other unique features, ELMS is a user-friendly experience for your institution and students. While the solution can be used for a single program, it is equally as nimble for enterprise solutions including multiple programs within one institution. ELMS simplifies manual tasks, streamlines your workflow, and increases overall productivity
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The Support You Need, When You Need It

Our service-focused client success team is with you every step of the way – from implementation and training to managing all your daily needs. Our team consists of experienced clinicians that understand your programs and help create innovative solutions to address your challenges. CORE’s forward-thinking development team is onsite and works collaboratively with our support team to customize your ELMS software features in way that uniquely suites your program needs.

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Your Students' Education Experience Matters

A survey we conducted with our Nursing program even showed that student satisfaction has increased in the time that we’ve had CORE.

American Career College / West Coast University

Powerful and Comprehensive Features


Instant Scheduling
and SmartMatch

ELMS includes an expertly designed algorithm that automates the matching of students, sites, and preceptors based on a number of customizable rules and preferences of your choosing. The platform’s SmartMatch scheduling provides instant results, eliminating any wait periods.
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Robust Student, Site and Preceptor Evaluations

ELMS manages the evaluation process for all aspects of the program, allowing students to complete self-evaluations and preceptors to easily submit student evaluations. The platform’s functionality includes automated reminders with access link and due dates, as well as customizable forms, automated grade calculation and conversion, automated low score alerts, and much more.
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ELMS offers some of the most comprehensive reporting of its kind. A wide variety of reports are available to manage all your program goals.

Preceptor/Site Availability

The platform allows you to easily set up automated emails that will electronically collect availability from your preceptors and sites with no login required.

Student Requirements
and Compliance

Your organization can conveniently collect, track, and store all student requirements in one place, including immunizations, CPR certifications, background checks, HIPAA training, and more.

ELMS is packed with features to help streamline and enhance your everyday processes


Survey Administration

Create customizable surveys to administer to students, preceptors, or sites.

Messaging Center

Send mass communications to student and preceptor lists; track if emails were opened; include attachments and surveys.

Document Library

Securely store any student, preceptor, or site related documents in one central location. Sharing options available.

Timesheet & Absence Tracking

Easily track student absences and time sheets. Students can submit time with optional GPS tracking and optional preceptor confirmation through automated email.

Affiliation Agreement Tracking

Efficiently track and store contracts and affiliation agreements in one central location with automated expiration alerts.

Preceptor License Tracking

Collect, store and verify preceptor licenses and set up automated expiration alerts.

Site Payment Tracking

Track site payee information, create check requisitions, store payment information, and more.

Field Experiences & Case Logging

Tools for students to capture required reflections, journals, assignments, SOAP notes, etc from their field experiences.

Incident Report Tracking

Provide students and preceptors with a way to submit incident reports. Common examples of incident reports include needle sticks, injury, HIPAA violations, medication error, background check discrepancies, and unethical behavior.

Electronic Form Customization

Customize numerous types of forms within the system to be shared with students, preceptors, or administrators. Optional ability to link forms to requirements for easier compliance reporting.

MyCred Digital Portfolios

MyCred ePortfolios are self-curated presentation ePortfolios that not only help students tell their story of achievement, but back it up with artifacts and real-life examples.

Job Board Hosting

Manage applications, share job resources, host custom job boards, allow preceptors and sites to submit employment opportunities.

Graduate & Placement Tracking

Track where your graduates are employed, whether any field rotations converted into employment or if they pursued further education, and more.

Single Sign-on & LMS Integrations

Various options for enabling single sign-on and LMS integration with any learning management system.

Add-on modules designed to enhance the ELMS experience


Contract Manager

Designed to optimize how higher education institutions manage contracts within their experiential education programs by providing a centralized hub for site contracts, all housed within a secure and user-friendly cloud-based solution, CORE ELMS.

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Text Messaging

Enhance communication and improve departmental efficiency by communicating with students and preceptors via text messaging through the ELMS Messaging Center.

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