Contract Manager Module

Designed to optimize how higher education institutions and programs manage contracts within their experiential education programs.

CORE’s Contract Manager Add-on Module is designed to optimize how higher education institutions manage contracts within their experiential education programs by providing a centralized hub for site contracts, all housed within a secure and user-friendly cloud-based solution, CORE ELMS.

Contract Manager Overview

Key Features

  • A centralized repository for easy access:
    All assigned users, from within a program to the institutional level, can quickly search and access the necessary contract documents when needed.
  • Workflow Automation:
    By incorporating customizable automation, users can significantly reduce the time required for cumbersome administrative tasks, allowing institutions to focus on enhancing the overall experiential learning experience. Multiple workflow templates allow fine-tuning the review and approval process to meet each program’s needs.
  • Automated email notifications and ELMS messaging center alerts:
    Customizable alerts notify users of approaching contract expiration dates or renewal deadlines so the contract manager can review and approve contract extensions or modifications promptly.
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy Measures:
    The Module provides a secure environment for managing contracts and agreements. Documents are only accessible by authorized staff through user access settings. This helps institutions comply with privacy standards and maintain confidentiality throughout the contract management process.
  • Reports:
    Generate reports on the status of contracts or upcoming deadlines to provide a clear overview of the contract landscape and make informed decisions.
  • DocuSign Integration:
    The Module supports integration with your institution's DocuSign account to execute e-signatures for site contracts. This integration streamlines the contract signing process and eliminates the need for manual paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an annual charge?

The Contract Manager is an optional add-on module that is purpose-built for the management of site contracts and affiliation agreements and is not included as part of the base fees for ELMS. This module has applications across all experiential programs that place students at sites, some of which are not current ELMS clients but share sites and contracts with those that are. 

How can I transfer my existing site contracts to Contract Manager?
The Contract Manager module is designed for users to import contracts on their own, either through an import from ELMS Requirements or from an external source. Migration Assistance (an implementation service) is available at an extra cost.
Can existing clients use the Contracts Module without paying for Migration Assistance?
Yes, we can enable the module for existing clients, and they can choose to bulk upload their contracts on their own in lieu of paying for Migration Assistance.
What is Migration Assistance?
Migration Assistance is a one-time implementation fee to help get your contracts loaded in the Contract Manager module to help you see value quickly. To facilitate this, CORE will need access to the contracts that you wish to upload, and we will handle the import for you.
Can you help us with additional data uploads since you can help me with the contract upload?
We anticipate a high volume of uploads and have limited resources to manage that volume, so we are only able to support contract uploads at this time.
Can additional admin accounts be added?
Yes, additional admin accounts can be added.
Is there a storage limit, and how long will contracts be stored?
There is no limit to the number of contracts that can be stored. Contracts will be stored as long as you have a Contract Manager account.
Does everyone involved in the contract approval process have to have a username and password?
You can work with external team members who do not have an ELMS user account.
Can administrators in different programs see all valid contracts?
Yes, role-based access control allows you to add all relevant administrators who need access to valid contracts.
I already manage contracts in CORE ELMS. How is this module different?
Unlike the existing requirements module, the contract manager module allows you to initiate site contracts directly through ELMS, assign contract review and approval steps to relevant parties, notify relevant parties as the contract moves through review and approval, and integrates with DocuSign. 

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