Introducing CORE's new contract repository for experiential education

Discover how the Contract Manager module in CORE's ELMS (experiential learning management system)...

Discover how the Contract Manager module in CORE's ELMS (experiential learning management system) can revolutionize your contract management process. From maintaining confidentiality to streamlining workflow automation, this comprehensive solution offers a centralized repository and customizable features to effortlessly manage contracts.

The idea for the Contract Manager module, like many other software innovations from CORE, was born out of a collaboration with an institution facing a specific challenge related to their experiential learning program. They approached us with their problem, and we were eager to develop a solution that would exceed their expectations.

The University of Nebraska, an avid user of CORE's ELMS solution, was looking for a way to efficiently manage contracts also referred to as affiliation agreements between experiential sites (i.e. hospitals) and the university. The desired solution had to possess top-notch security measures, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to enhance communication for expedited approvals and seamless workflow.

The solution: CORE's Contract Manager Add-On Module

This new module will be available for purchase on March 13, 2024. Current clients can contact their client success specialist for more information. For non-users, please contact us here to see a live demo and discuss how the Contact Manager module could help your program or institution.

The Contract Manager module was designed to give your institution security, reporting and notification capabilities, customizable workflows, a centralized repository and more! 

Secure environment for confidentiality and compliance

The Contract Manager module provides a secure environment to maintain confidentiality and ensure compliance with privacy and data protection regulations. You can trust that your contracts and affiliation agreements are kept confidential and protected.

By centralizing contracts and affiliation agreements within one solution, the Contract Manager module ensures that all sensitive information is stored securely and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. This helps institutions comply with privacy regulations and maintain confidentiality throughout the contract management process.

Generate notifications and produce reports

The Contract Manager module offers the ability to generate notifications and produce reports for contracts that are about to expire or have expired, upcoming deadlines, or other relevant metrics. This feature provides a clear overview of the contract landscape, enabling informed decision-making.

By receiving timely notifications, you can stay updated on important contract events and take necessary actions to ensure contract compliance. Additionally, the ability to produce reports allows you to analyze contract data and identify trends or areas for improvement in your contract management process.

Customizable review and approval steps

The Contract Manager module comes with pre-configured review and approval steps that can be customized to fit your institution's specific needs. This flexibility allows you to define the workflow that aligns with your organization's contract management process.

Whether you need multiple layers of approval or a simplified review process, CORE provides options for customization. By tailoring the review and approval steps, you can ensure that contracts move through the approval process efficiently and in accordance with your institution's policies.

Centralized repository for easy access

One of the key features of the Contract Manager module is its centralized repository for contracts. This repository allows all relevant users to quickly search and access necessary contract documents when needed.

By having contracts stored in a centralized location, you can eliminate the time-consuming task of searching through multiple systems or folders to find a specific contract. This improves efficiency and ensures that contracts are easily accessible to the right people when they need them.

Integrate with DocuSign for E-signatures

The Contract Manager module supports integration with your institution's DocuSign account to execute e-signatures for site contracts. This integration streamlines the contract signing process and eliminates the need for manual paperwork.

With the ability to electronically sign contracts, you can reduce the time and effort required for contract execution. This feature enhances the overall contract management process by automating the signing workflow and ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

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