Exploring clinical education management: A conversation with Kaleigh Larson

A Conversation with Kaleigh Larson, Former Clinical Education Manager Turned CORE Higher Education...

A Conversation with Kaleigh Larson, Former Clinical Education Manager Turned CORE Higher Education Group Client Success Specialist

In this blog post, we sit down with Kaleigh Larson, a former Clinical Education Manager who has successfully transitioned into a Client Success Specialist role at CORE Higher Education Group. Kaleigh brings a wealth of experience from her previous role, where she managed clinical placements for various nursing programs at the Medical University of South Carolina. We dive deep into Kaleigh's background, exploring the obstacles she encountered and the ways in which her expertise now greatly impacts and brings value to CORE's clients.

CORE: So, Kaleigh, let's dive right in. Could you share a bit about your previous role as a clinical education manager?

Kaleigh Larson (KL): Absolutely. In my previous role, I served as a clinical education manager for an accelerated BSN program and a nurse practitioner program. This involved coordinating clinical placements for students across multiple tracks within the undergraduate nursing and nurse practitioner program, such as FNP, adult, pediatric, and more.

CORE: That sounds like a lot. How did you manage the process of student schedules and all that goes into it?

KL: It was quite complex. There were various processes that had to be followed depending on the clinical site you are trying to send students to, whether that be requesting availability, ensuring the student has submitted all appropriate onboarding requirements for clearance, and many other logistics. 

I was using all excel spreadsheets, email, and various electronic folders for everything. I had this clinical master list for the nurse practitioner program. There was a different tab for every semester with data on each student, their track, the preceptor's information, site information, affiliation agreements, etc. There was a lot of email back and forth between myself and the student regarding the proposed preceptor and site. These emails included so many attachments, which was a lot to keep track of. 

CORE: That sounds like a lot of manual work. How does CORE's platform address these challenges?

KL: CORE's platform streamlines the entire process. 

For example, with Site Prospector, students can initiate their own clinical education plans, reducing the back-and-forth via email. It's actually what I needed when I was working with nurse practitioner students. Instead of all the email exchange and pdf management, it's all stored in Site Prospector and the Research Center. The upcoming Contracts Manager module will also automate contract workflows, saving time and ensuring compliance.

CORE: How does your past experience influence your work at CORE?

KL: My experience gives me valuable insights into clients' needs and challenges. I can relate to their workflows and suggest tailored solutions using CORE's platform. Whether it's optimizing scheduling or simplifying contract management, my background helps me provide effective support.

CORE: It's clear that CORE's platform offers significant benefits. What advice would you give to clients transitioning to a new system?

KL: Embrace the learning curve. While transitioning to a new system may seem daunting, investing time upfront pays off in the long run. Drawing parallels to familiar processes and experimenting with the platform's features can accelerate the learning process.

CORE: Thank you, Kaleigh, for sharing your insights. It's been enlightening to hear about your journey and how CORE's platform is revolutionizing clinical education management.

KL: Of course! I'm excited to continue helping our clients streamline their processes and achieve success with CORE's solutions.

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