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MU's Department of Education Adds Efficiency to Field Education Management with CORE ELMS

Why did the Manchester Education program choose CORE? 

"There was a time when we were trying to put evaluations online, and we needed outside third-party stakeholders to be able to access and collaborate with the forms, but our in-house platform didn't have the capabilities to do that.

We were looking for a solution to be able to work with as many third parties as we needed and ensure they would have access from anywhere to fill out the evaluations.

We talked to our pharmacy program about pulling data for accreditation and other types of tasks we needed to complete. That’s when they showed us their platform with CORE.

Our immediate response was, ‘Get us this platform!’”


What CORE feature do you find the most valuable?

"There are a lot of valuable features, but I use hours tracking the most consistently throughout the semester. For example, our sophomore and juniors log their experiences within CORE. I can easily see who logged their hours and how many hours they’ve done to make sure the students are progressing. I can pull up the report of their progress within seconds! The students also embrace the comment section to tell me about their experiences.

We used to do this process on paper, and I’d have to track the students down to get their logs.

"Using CORE has helped us get more evaluations completed overall."

Also, the evaluations module is very easy to use. As an administrator, I can unlock an evaluation if a cooperating teacher ever makes a mistake. Our evaluations are set up to be available for viewing by the students because we are very transparent and want them to see how they are doing from the click of a button. Using CORE has helped us get more evaluations completed overall as well. 

I love the hand slotting feature [in the scheduling module] and the new feature where you can add a cooperating teacher. Every year, I tell myself I am going to use more of the CORE features."


How has CORE helped to save you time? 

“With CORE, it probably takes half the time to do everything I used to do on paper.

Students don’t have to come to me to turn things in. I was actually going to the schools and picking up evaluations from the teachers. Now that they can submit it at 11 o'clock at night, and I can go in and look at it is just life-changing!

"CORE’s support team has always been helpful when I ask for something!”

We’ve had CORE for many years now, and I am able to work remotely from another state.” 


What would you tell others considering using CORE? 

“It’s very user-friendly once you get on and try it! 

It’s helpful that you can do everything electronically and anyone can access it as long as they have web service. That is something that is nice for accreditation purposes. 

It’s also easy for our students, and easy for the cooperating teachers. They can do it in the comfort of their own home to log their hours. There's no need to log in and out in real time – flexibility allows them to revisit and update entries at their convenience.

All of the accessibility is definitely a positive thing, and being able to look at evaluations and go back through your progress as you're going through our program. The data doesn't disappear, which is also valuable to our students.

CORE’s support team has always been helpful when I ask for something!”

Heidi Wieland

Heidi Wieland

Interim Director of Teacher Education, Assessment and Clinical Experience Coordinator

Manchester University