Lake Erie College

LEC Implements CORE ELMS to Manage the Clinical Fieldwork Component of Their PA Program

First and foremost, the Lake Erie College (LEC) Physician Assistant (PA) Program is ecstatic with choosing CORE and the advances we have made over the past six months, creating a platform that has proven to be very successful in our daily operations. The process was made possible through the efforts of Elizabeth Newell and her colleagues who has been our champion in working closely with the program to build a product that is intuitive, supportive, and very functional. The software gives us the supporting data and analysis required for the PA program accreditation process.

We recently went through an accreditation site visit and CORE was the focus of many of the discussions by the site visitors. The examiners were extremely impressed with CORE’s utilization in supporting the site visit process. Utilization of CORE by students, preceptors, and faculty has been seamless considering a significant change from the previous software. CORE has captured the data required for our ongoing analysis of the program but has also enhanced the educational process of our students. The electronic evaluation component provides invaluable data that is easily captured and user-friendly. It seems like every week we find a new way to use another component of CORE and incorporate it into the program.

"Utilization of CORE by students, preceptors, and faculty has been seamless."

In the past six months, we have seen improvements in CORE that seem to target the PA profession and our specific needs. More importantly, Elizabeth has been open to our requests for future changes and updates that support the PA education needs. There are so many parts of CORE that we have yet to utilize, and we look forward to expanding our needs with CORE in the future. 

We have enjoyed our relationship with CORE and its staff and are truly appreciative of the efforts of Elizabeth and her staff.

Dale R. Turley, PA-C MMS NCCPA CAQ

Board Certified Emergency Medicine Faculty/Assistant Clinical Coordinator, Physician Assistant Studies

Lake Erie College