Transforming Occupational Therapy Education: The CORE Approach

In the fast-evolving field of occupational therapy, educational programs face significant...

In the fast-evolving field of occupational therapy, educational programs face significant logistical challenges, particularly in managing field work placements and compliance requirements. These challenges can create substantial stress for both administrators and students, detracting from the primary focus on education and patient care. This blog post delves into how CORE Higher Education Group's innovative solutions are addressing these pain points, providing relief and confidence through our comprehensive suite of software solutions.

Easing the Administrative Burden

Occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant programs often grapple with the intricate dance of field work placements and compliance management. Historically, these tasks have involved cumbersome manual processes, with administrators and students alike getting bogged down in paperwork. This not only hampers efficiency but also adds to the stress and anxiety experienced by students and staff.

The introduction of CORE's software solutions into this environment brings a breath of fresh air. For instance, our SMARTMATCH algorithm and direct integrations, such as with Formstack for evaluations, simplify what were once complex tasks. By automating and streamlining these processes, CORE significantly reduces the administrative load on educators, allowing them to refocus on teaching and mentoring students.

“The CORE ELMS/Formstack integration has gone very well. The CORE team did an excellent job of making it work very similarly to how I was previously sending the OT FWPE out to my fieldwork educators. Before CORE ELMS integrated with Formstack, I had plenty of negative emails from my fieldwork educators. But since the integration has gone live, it has been blessedly quiet!

The biggest plus is that now there is a ‘Plan B’ for Fieldwork Educators to complete and return the FWPE. When using Formstack before the CORE integration, the only way that a Fieldwork Educator could access it was through a link that I had to set up. This caused numerous problems. Now that CORE has integrated with Formstack, the fieldwork educator has the option to access it through the link OR they can simply log into CORE and complete the evaluation there.” - Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University, New Orleans

Enhancing Compliance and Communication

Compliance with fieldwork and educational standards is a critical aspect of occupational therapy education, involving everything from immunizations and background checks to specific educational requirements. CORE's platform adeptly consolidates these elements, offering a centralized system where all requirements are not just stored but actively managed. This system notifies students and educators about upcoming deadlines or missing documents, ensuring that everyone is always in compliance and informed.

Moreover, CORE's communication tools allow for seamless interactions among students, educators, and site coordinators. This feature is especially beneficial in reducing misunderstandings and ensuring that all parties are on the same page, thus alleviating potential stress and confusion.

Facilitating a Focus on Education

One of the most significant benefits of CORE's solutions is how we enable educators to return their attention to what truly matters: student learning and development. By removing the logistical hurdles associated with fieldwork placements and compliance, educators can devote more time and resources to providing a high-quality educational experience. This focus is crucial in preparing students to be competent, confident occupational therapists and occupational therapist assistants who are well-prepared to meet the demands of their future careers.

With CORE, programs can look forward to a future where administrative efficiency and compliance are a given, not a constant battle, fostering an environment where education thrives and students are primed for success.

The transformative impact of CORE's solutions illustrates a broader trend in higher education and healthcare training: the increasing reliance on specialized technology to solve long standing problems. As these tools continue to evolve, they promise to further revolutionize these fields, making advanced education more accessible, manageable, and effective than ever before.

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