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Kaiser Permanente Uses CORE ELMS for Student Placement

Students who want to complete a rotation in the Kaiser Permanente Mid- Atlantic States area apply through ELMS. Once approved, students can research and apply to Kaiser Permanente affiliated sites. From there, Kaiser Permanente uses ELMS to place students using CORE’s robust scheduling tools.

“The student matching process is one of my priorities...traditionally it was a stress and a major part of my job.

CORE helped customize the [ELMS SmartMatch Scheduling Module] for us, and it has been a great update to our processes because they customized the system for our program, listened to our vision of what would work best for us and then made it work how we wanted it to work. My Client Success rep and CORE ELMS have had a wonderful effect on my efficiency for student matching.

Prior to CORE, I spent about three months reviewing all of the applications coming in from students. We affiliate with approximately 29 schools so we have students coming from all over.

With my previous paper- based process, I had a really crazy excel sheet that I was using to document everything, grade things, rank them and try to prioritize who got what assignments. I worked non-stop just on that initial matching process for three months to complete the student matching before the students would come back from winter break so the schools and I could work together to make any necessary adjustments in the new year.

"That’s three months of work down to about two weeks. CORE ELMS made a huge difference.”

Once we moved to CORE ELMS and streamlined our process, I pushed the application deadline back to give the students more time to consider their options and apply. Then, I had time to focus on specialized rotations and requests and work on hand slotting (manual matching) a bit. By December, I met with my customer success specialist to utilize their smart match technology to match up the rotations that did not need to be hand-slotted, and in a day - everything was done. I had this process done weeks before the winter break, it is awesome! That’s three months of work down to about two weeks. CORE ELMS made a huge difference.

The requirements feature has also been very useful. That feature makes it easy to see what’s missing early in the process, like vaccinations or pharmacy intern licenses, for example. We’ve incorporated customized evaluations as well.

With more time back in my schedule, I can focus on running employee-focused initiatives, including hiring, emerging leadership development, our residency programs, and our technician training program.

My Client Success rep has always been responsive and flexible. The ease of access to support has been one of the biggest benefits for me. It really helped to explain Kaiser’s processes and have CORE’s support to come up with solutions on how we could use ELMS.

"The ease of access to support has been one of the biggest benefits for me."

I would tell others considering CORE that this will make your life so much easier. In terms of allowing employers to easily keep track of all the students, let the students view what we have to offer and apply to the rotations, and communicate directly with students to obtain any needed information, without us having to put the schools in the middle of all the communication.

The schools have given us positive feedback as this process takes the burden off them as well. Students like the research center because they can upload their information and requests and write notes to me if they need to.”

Kristen Fink Kaiser Testimonial for CORE Higher Ed

Kristen Fink, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, CDCES

Academic Affairs Coordinator, Kaiser Permanente Mid- Atlantic Region Director, Pharmacy Residency Programs

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