Student readiness through the CORE elements of experience, competency and presentation.

CORE Applications


Are your students getting the most out of the externship experience?


Is your current technology platform properly supporting your institution’s externship and experiential learning programs and initiatives?


Are your students demonstrating competency in their fields?


Is your current technology platform properly supporting your institution’s competency-based education programs and initiatives?


Are your students standing apart during the job search process?


Is your current technology platform providing students with a competitive edge regarding accomplishment presentation to potential employers?

The CORE Technology Suite is built on a foundation of three integrated applications…


An Experiential Learning Management System (ELMS) supporting the needs and processes of externship departments, corporate partners, and students in the field.

Core CompMS

A Competency Management System (CompMS) for detailed student competency documentation and tracking, curriculum mapping, and course evaluation.

Core ePortfolio

Electronic Credential Presentation Portfolios designed to manage and present an individual’s educational, professional, and experiential achievements.

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Everyone's talking about the CORE Talking

Our experiential program was at a crossroads and one of our major goals was to find ways to work more efficiently. CORE helped us do that. Although we're only into our first year using the program, we already use functions that save time and we anticipate saving much more as we learn more about it. The training process was actually a lot less stressful than we thought and the conversion from our old program was made seamless by the CORE team.

Mark J. Chirico
Director, Experiential Education
Belmont University
Nashville, TN

Before CORE, students spent valuable study time researching hundreds of potential sites while administrators wrestled with a decentralized email-and-spreadsheet system to offer a semblance of structure. CORE’s ELMS upended this paradigm with an intuitive, customizable tool that empowered me to quickly research and select my experiential opportunities. After meeting success with this product, I can confidently say that any institution that does not use CORE is operating beneath the new industry standard.

Jesse Mancini
Student - Class of 2014
MCPHS University
Boston, MA

I enjoy precepting students from the University of Connecticut but have little time for additional paperwork. I appreciate the investment the University has made in the CORE software which allows me to easily access my student schedules, electronic performance evaluations, and student profiles.

Wendy Dean
Arrow Pharmacy & Nutritional Centers
Hartford, CT

We are just beginning to use the CORE suite. Our students and preceptors like its straight-forward format. Support has been wonderful and their team is always willing to listen to our concerns and help determine the best way to implement and use the software to meet our needs.

Rebecca Malone, PharmD
Coordinator, Experiential Education
University of Arizona


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